as some of you know, we have started stepping away from Xojo. it wasnt the language but other reasons. and I am not going to go into that here.

I have done more xojo programming (fixing bugs, adding functionality, etc) since we decided to step away from that platform than we had done in the previous six(6) months.

the language and the company are not virus like at all. just we decided to leave and being sucked back into the fold at a higher level than before, that is the virus(-like) behavior.

now one of my peeves with Xojo has been addressed by this roadmap. it gives us a clearer idea of what Xojo is working on and their direction. if this page was out before XDev2019, I might not have made the decision I had. Geoff thank you for putting this out there. it is a big help!

we will see what comes next (to see if we come back or not).