in Xojo there is three different sets of web (HTTP/HTTPS) sockets. classic framework uses HTTPSocket/HTTPSecureSocket. If you want to switch from HTTP to HTTPS (or vice versa) you have to switch different sockets. they also only talk HTTP1.0 (and not the modern 1.1). now they do have both ASYNC and SYNC calls. now when Xojo released the new framework a few years back, the introducted to be the replacement of HTTPSocket/HTTPSecureSocket sockets. there are some benefits of the new framework like single socket can do both HTTP and HTTPS. also it talks HTTP1.1. it has its own issues. and on top of that, Xojo announced at XDC that they are going away from the new framework (eventually) for a combination of new/old frameworks to a new merged mega framework. this new framework has URLconnection as its socket. it does both HTTP & HTTPS. talks HTTP1.1. the only thing it doesnt have that I need is SYNC calls. but Xojo said that is comming in a future release. I am hopong for the 2019R1 release but we will see.

NOTE I am part of the Pre-Release Testers team for Xojo but I cant give hints of Geoff will come after me. They take the Pre-Releases seriously.

now I have used all three framework sockets. I like URLconnection but it is limited with the 2018R4 release and has some bugs. but that socket is basically the v1.0 of it. I am guessing with 2019R1, 2019R2, etc each release it will get better and better. less bugs and more features. if I cant use URLconnection, I then tend to go to HTTPSocket/HTTPSecureSocket.