before I start I want to say that Xojo is a great product. I have used it for many years and believe in it. I am just a little angry right now.

first off I am only annoyed at Xojo (the company) and Xojo (the product). I have spent a better part of a week working on a compile issue. I have been trying to compile MacOSX 64-bit apps on a Linux (64-bit) Xojo IDE. wont happen. now I would be really pissed with them if it wasn’t documented clearly that it doesn’t work. check out this page under the “Other 64-bit Information” section. it clearly says “You cannot build 64-bit Mac apps from Windows or Linux IDEs.”. WTF!!

everything that they preach and everything the various O/S manufacturers are saying is go with 64-bit (or else). At some point in the not too distant future Apple wont allow 32-bit apps to run on its O/S. Which I think is shitty on their part. if I have a really old app that I want to continue to use then let me. They aren’t the only ones. 32-bit apps don’t run on 64-bit linux unless you manually add the 32-bit libraries. that is just a PITA and not breaking the ability to use older apps. Microsoft is also pushing 64-bit for everything but since they still sell 32-bit O/S versions for 32-bit hardware (yeah there is still 32-bit hardware being sold today). it will be a while before Microsoft cuts us off.

now the person(s) that I am really mad at is myself. yeah myself! I had access to the documentation about the limitations of 64-bit with Xojo and didn’t read it. I should have checked Feedback and Docs sooner.

I just hope they (Xojo) makes compiling 64-bit work from any IDE version (MacOSX, Windows, & Linux). I have high hopes for that in 2019. hopefully I won’t be disappointed.