NOTE: I had this written up over the XDC weekend but delayed it as I wanted to talk to a few people before posting….

this recap is not like most you will see. XDC this year was a great event but not perfect. Greg’s discussion on Web framework 2.0 and Travis’ Android discussion was great. both very informative. due to the great information in them, it gave all of us a positive outlook on Xojo (the product). There were some great sessions like Jim’s on integrating AI with Xojo, Tim’s on Webhooks, Philippe’s on CI/CD, William’s on API 2.0 and Yousaf’s Happy Customers (those are NOT the real titles). All of these make us want to go out and do more coding.

the hotel was great for the most part. the neighboring (conference) rooms sometimes were a little loud and the noise bleed over. the hotel bar was ok. the service was definitely lacking in it(the hotel bar). the service for the rest of the hotel was good or better. the nightly planned events were nice and fun. the biggest “fun” part of the conference was sitting in the bar with fellow xojoers (xojoians?) and discussing everything from travel to health care to politics to coding. and since there were a wide variety of people there from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures it made it very enlightening. I always learn so much from those discussions it makes the trip well worth the money.

the biggest positive out of it was two fold but could be classified/grouped as one. meeting all the people you have talking to for year but never face to face (and even the ones you met at the last conference or before). second is meeting the xojo engineers (& QA) and having great discussions with them. I had some great discussions with Greg, Fred, Bob, Christian, Geoff, Zeke, and many others. these conversations alone are worth the price of the event. it is hard to have some of those discussions over email, text, forums, etc. sometimes the best communications are face to face.

many many times I have said that XDC is like a family reunion. it is. now some of those family members I have never met face to face before. like Rich H. and Phillip Z. I have interacted with for years on the forum, email, etc but never been in the same place at the same time. now when I physically met this face to face for the first time it wasnt like meeting someone new. it was like seeing a cousin that you just havent met face to face. so, yeah, a big family reunion.

now the big disappointment is that we (xojo community) walked away with no more information about direction, time lines, time frames, anything from Xojo. I knew just as much about the 2019-2020 timelines coming out of the XDC 2018 as I did coming out of the XDC 2019. my notes from both keynotes are almost identical. scary close. I understand that Xojo (and Real before that) got burned about missing deadlines and got slammed by customers for it. sometimes Xojo has to miss those deadlines due to some change outside their control (like Apple or Microsoft making changes that has to be implemented immediately with no notice). so Geoff has decided to not give deadline/time frames. and I think he went from 100% communication to 100% no communication (or 0% communication). Geoff disagrees and things he is at a happy medium. and I think that is a mistake. it should not be at an extreme (either direction) but somewhere in the middle. moderation is key. hopefully some of us can convince Geoff to be more forth coming of information without going back to the other extreme. again, we would like to him/them to be more moderate in their approach in regard to communications. I know several other long time xojo customers feel the same way. I am not going to name names.

now when Geoff/Xojo does communicate, they are very open and forthcoming. thank you!

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update: I have spoken with Geoff about my current issues with Xojo (the company) and Xojo (the product). As for a CEO, he tries really hard to be accessible to his customers. And I have to thank him for that. not all executives do that. unfortunately the outcome of our conversation hasnt changed anything on their or my side of the discussion.