first session I went to was Jim’s session on Integrating Your Xojo App with Artificial Intelligence Cloud Services. he started with a dozen photos from the web and the XDC Denver ad video and we watched as it matched the people to the photos. then we reviewed all the AI data back from the “service”. it was amazing how well it was able to decode the spoken word and how it was able figure out who people were. then he demoed how to translation of localized strings from English to Russian. it was done live and was fairly quick to. about 2 minutes to do 104 localized strings. the translation services (GCP & AWS) like full sentences over phrases, fragments or especially single words. it is better for them to get the context of the word to be translated.

second session I went to was Philippe’s Modern Continuous Integration with Xojo. before the conference this was the one session I tagged I had to go to. Philippe hit us with a flood of great information about the CI part of a CI/CD pipeline. we all should use IDE communicator v2 over v1. v1 is a fire and forget style where v2 sends data both directions. v1 is much more limited over v2. then he went into writing a communicator script in python or ruby. if the build fails for some reason v1 wont detect it and it gets hung. v2 it is easier to detect problems. this session has helped me think about how we are doing CI/CD and how to make it better. I just have to get back home to start making changes.

side note: I never thought about using a non Xojo for communicating to the IPCsocket for the IDE. I know that Philippe talked about python and ruby, but I will do it in perl5 or perl6. this could make it much easier to write the automation scripts.

I skipped a few sessions as I was interacting with Xojo engineers and Marc Z.

third session I went to William’s Beyond Linux. he covered the big differnces between GTK+2 vs GTK+3. William also demoed how GTK+3 renders the objects on the window, including how things clip. GTK+4 is coming out soon for the new distros. then Xojo will upgrade the framework to use it and they will get extra benefits from the new framework.

last session I went to Yousaf’s Happy Customers, Sucessful Projects, Living Stresss Free. He gave us lots of tips on how to make our lives easier without breaking yourself. a major positive impact is to have empathy (not a skill developers use a lot). it makes everyone to be in a happier place. communication is a key factor and it doesnt happen as well as it should.

xdc wrap up was a good session with Geoff standing in front of the room with everyone throwing questions at him. most of them were either compliments on the event or what Xojo is doing. there were some good suggestions on improvements (to marketing, product, event, etc etc etc …. ) and there was only two(2) critical comments made and Geoff did his best to answer them in a way to appease the crowd. I am not going to go into details.

I will see yall at the next XDC (in the USA). I want to get to Christian’s MBS conference in Germany in the fall but I am not sure if I will have any vacation time.

side notes: I have filled out more Feedback cases this week than I have for the last year combined (including the auto generated ones). some are issues and some are feature requests. so basically I have given more work to the Xojo QA & engineering teams.