well next week is (Xojo)[https://www.xojo.com/xdc/]’s big conference. Miami will be nice to see again and should be nice weather for the conference. it will be time for seeing old friends. it will be time to make new friends. it will be time to meet with other Xojo programmers so they can show me how I am doing things wrong (or less correct). I have been doing Xojo since the RealBasic days and I still learn a lot from these conferences.

maybe Xojo (or someone else) will get me to finally convert from old framework to new framework. probably not, but you never know.

I am hoping to see the following:

  • Xojo on Android
  • new new framework (or framework 2.0? 3.0? or whatever it is going to be called).
  • Web framework 2.0
  • Xojo working well with CI/CD[1]
  • how I can make better looking UIs. I am not a UI/graphic designer, so graphics and UI are a challenge for me.
  • (secret challenge to myself) to attend & work from a Windows laptop and not a Mac (SHOCK - I know, what the hell am I thinking?)

[1] I have this sorta working now. it works but can break easily. and it is not fast.

I know that Bob K, and Christian S will be blogging during the conference (among others). I will try to make a few posts about cool stuff I find out.