part 1 of this series…

after spending some time trying to learn mobile development, I have learned a few things. first off, I dont know anything about mobile development. sounds odd. but I have been doing server & desktop development where there is plenty of resources. mobile has limit resources, including limited screen size, limited “drive” space, and very limited cpu power.

second thing I learned is that I dont know anything about C# language. and it has been fifteen(15) or so years since I did any mono programming. and it wasnt much then. it had some serious limitations and issues. today not so much.

the third thing I learned is that I have been using languages that abstract too much of the frameworks/low-level-ness of languages for too long. the languages make it easy to do things but you give us a lot of control. going back to a lower-level language means I am writing more lines of code to get the same amount of work done. but I can tweak things how I want to.

now here is some more I have found out about Visual Studio. VS 2019 for Windows and VS 2019 for Mac are NOT the same nor have the same functionality. I know that is a big shocker. On VS for Windows, if you are doing iOS development you can code away but just cant compile/debug the code (including running in an emulator). Now you can tie your VS for WIndows to a VS for Mac instance (running on a mac on the same network) and then you can (technically the Mac is doing the compiling/debuging, the Windows is just controlling it).

Now VS for Mac is worse off. On VS for Mac if you started the mobile project on Windows and selected UWP, the Mac will freak out that it is part of the project. not ignoring it like on Windows but gets really unhappy.

now if you type-o something or forget to include something (using lines), VS can help you fix those. and does it intelligently. very nice.

more soon as I learn how to do mobile developement and learn Xamarin.Forms.