as of recently I have been looking for a good multi-o/s developement platform for mobile applications. yeah both iOS (Appple) and Android (Google). there are a few apps that handle that. most handle one much better than the other. I decided to try Xamarin.Forms. it is the mobile version of Xamarin.

the specific frameworks on each platform is still used, Xamarin just wrapped them in a nice C# wrapper framework. so a button is a button. it doesnt matter what the native framework calls it. now with Xamarin.Forms you can either write the whole UI with C# code OR you can use XAML. XAML is the XML based markup language that Xamarin.Forms uses to define the UI. there is no actual code in it, just describing the UI and how it should look. now the XAML file has a matching .cs (C#) that defines the actual code to do stuff.


  • works well with Android and iOS apps.
  • can do Apple tvOS, & watchOS apps
  • seperates the UI from the code.
  • has a nice 3rd party ecosystem.
  • Microsoft backs it and it is part of their core Visual Studio suite.


  • it is C# based (not the biggest fan of C#)
  • no drag/drop UI builder (like some other languages have)
  • not the thinnest apps (you have the C# wrapper framework wrapped around the native frameworks and you get some bloat)

now I am not very good or very far into my research of Xamarin.Forms, so I am doing more tutorials/videos so I figure stuff out.