as some of you know, I have been an active Perl programmer since the mid-90s. Yes, I am that old! and I have been active with the local Perl Mongers group. and of course I love Perl.

now Perl6 is not Perl(5). it is but it isnt. Perl6 took all the good from Perl5, and the good from Ruby, Python, Rust, Go, etc and rolled it up into a super-language. awesome!! but the one(1) big downfall I have run across is the name. Perl6. everyone hears Perl5++ or Perl5.1 or whatever. Perl6 should have had a different name. Call it Bubba, or Larry or Wall or anything but Perl. I understand that it is in the Perl family. But all the negatives/drawbacks of Perl5 are being associated with Perl6 when they arent valid statements.

I am far from an expert on Perl6. but I try to write new scripts in Perl6 until I hit a wall (mostly lack of knowledge on my part) then I switch back to Perl5. and I am getting father down the road on Perl6 before I abort.

I know its too late now to rename Perl6 but looking back that was a big mistake.

thank you Larry and company for writing a great new language!