so ever since perl6 was released to the public there has been lots of confusion around it. perl6 is not just perl5 with some tweaks or add-ons. it is a drastic change to the language. Larry Wall and company, looked all all the major languages (and lots of non-major ones) and figured out what was done right and what was done wrong. then decided what to put into the new perl language.

so perl6 came out and the confusion just ran rampant with what works in perl (aka perl5) and what works in perl6. I have been programming perl since perl4 days (early 90s) and I was having issues with what was perl5 vs perl6. and I had an excellent resource that was part of the perl6 team to ask questions of. Yes Bruce I am talking about you. now if you werent a regular perl programmer, you were definitely lost.

so just recently, several of the key developers of perl6 said that they were going to take the communities recommendation to rename perl6 to raku. YEAH!! not that I want to distance myself from perl/perl5 but it will make life much easier to figure out how to do things in perl6, err I mean raku than getting all the results for perl5 mixed in. also it will show how different and modern raku is over legacy perl.

this is a big win for the perl & raku communities.