as some of you know (as I have been blogging about it) that we are in when it comes to automation and in particular CI/CD. our website and our blog are deployed through CI/CD pipelines (website is one pipeline and blog is another). great thing about CI/CD pipelines is you just check in your code and it does all the rest for you. that is a blessing and a curse at the same time. blessing as you dont have to do a lot of stuff that the computer can do for you. curse in the fact you dont watch closely things can break and you dont know about it.

perfect example, while at XDC conference, I was blogging about what happened daily. my blog post from last friday didnt get pushed to the website till this morning (monday) as a part of the CI/CD just stopped. not a big deal per se but people were waiting to ready the blog post. to fix this, I now check the blog a few minutes (or so, depending on if I get distracted) to see if the new posting arrives or not.

just another challenge in the world of robots (automation).