previously I talked about using robots in a CI/CD pipeline. I have been working off and on the for the last few months trying to automate the pipelines around building Xojo apps automagically. there is good news and not so good news. the good news is I have learned alot about CI/CD scripting and learned alot about Xojo’s IDE being scriptable from outside the IDE itself.

so I have been working with Xojo 2018R3 and 2018R4 (more of the later over the former) on either a physical machine or VMW virtual machine. Both were Linux Mint 18 with the XFCE desktop (it is lower weight/needs less resources than Cinnamon/Mate/KDE/Gnome). And I was using Perl as the scripting language to automate everything.

now lots of scripting later, I had written lots of code and things just didnt work right or consistently. and in the process of learning this, I lost more hair and I dont have much left to lose. now in a conversation over at the Xojo forums gave me some insight that I really needed. Xojo (the company) auto-builds Xojo (IDe/framework/language) using the GO CI/CD software using some Apple Mac Pros. now Xojo wouldnt buy and use Mac Pros to run linux or windows on. it isnt cost effective that way. Mac Pros are great multi processor systems for running Mac OSX. the insight is they automated the IDE on OSX. since I switched the build machine from Linux to Mac the build process is mush more stable and consistant. which is a major win for me and a major loss.

now back to automating the build process of some Xojo code.