I am not talking about the cool robots but robots in the automation since. for a few years now I have been wanting and to a degree threatening to automate the complete build process with Xojo. Xojo’s engineers (Greg, William & Norm for example) have been very helpful in giving me advice and direction.

over the past several years I have been helping customers with their CI/CD & automation systems. so I have plenty of experience in the field. just haven’t had the time to do it. now recently I have been able to actually devote some time to doing this. my biggest piece of missing knowledge is the automation of Xojo (IDE) itself. as I work through the various challenges of automating Xojo, I have automated other things to make sure I am working out the bugs in my pipeline. to the point the blog that you are reading is part of a CI/CD pipeline. what?? yeah that is right. I write the post in markdown, commit it to a git repo. GitLab then runs its CI/CD pipeline against it at the end producing a .deb file that gets shipped to the web server and automagically installed. and if the web server every gets corrupted I just rebuild a new one and redeploy the last .deb package of the blog to the server.

i have goals on how far and how much I want to automate with CI/CD pipelines but that is for another day. right now I am tackling more issues with the Xojo automation. more hopefully soon.