so as many of you know or can guess I work remote most of the time. when working remote, I work from coffee shops, cafes, bars, restraunts, parks, airports, hotels, airplanes, trains, etc. basically I work while in the public. now we all should adhere to some basic rules when working in public. or what I call cafe etiquette.

  • space. take as much space as you need but dont be a hog. when the table has two(2) seats, then it is perfect for one(1) to two(2) people. if the table has seating for six(6) people, then the party should be closer to six(6) than one(1). I know that is shocking to hear. I cant tell you the number of times I have gone somewhere and there is a single person sprawled out over a table for six(6), making it hard for larger groups to be there.
  • time. be respectful of the business on how long you spend there. dont show up at opening and stay until they close down. depending on the location will depend on how long you should be there (max). remember this is a business that needs to make money and if you take up space all day then someone else cant be a customer and use that space.
  • purchases. make sure you purchase item(s) from the business. no one likes free loaders. plus if you buy stuff then it makes it easier for them to pay their bills so they can stay in business. which means you can come back and hang out more. also it costs money to provide you with electricity to power your devices. and it costs money for the wifi. and and and.
  • wifi. if they provide wifi that is a bonus. not a requirement that they do so. dont complain about the speed. and if you complain be prepared for them to just turn off the wifi. seen it happen before.
  • purchases(II). make sure you are eating/drinking food from them. that is how they make money to stay in business. I cant tell you how many times I have been somewhere and seen a group of six(6) to dozen(12) people all eating food from somewhere else with a single person having a single drink from the local place. That is a bunch of revenue that could help keep the place open flushed down the drain. its discourteous and rude. plain ass rude.
  • noise. some of us like to watch movies, or tv or listen to music while we work. who doesnt? use headphones. I dont want to hear yours as much as you dont want to hear mine. as I type this up, there are a couple of high school girls, watching things on either facebook or instagram without headphones. it is hard to work with the noise. hell i watch a lot of training videos/classes in public places. but always with headphones.
  • power. everyone needs power to recharge their devices. been there done that. but do not take more than one(1) plug no matter how many devices you have. if you need more than one plug, bring a power strip to use. in both my work and personal laptop bags, I have a three(3) plug power strips. in my “IT Toolbox” (it is a toolbox from HomeDepot that I have all the tools, cables, adapters, etc needed to do IT work.) I have a power extension cord with (at least) three(3) plugs on it. now this goes double (or triple) in places like airports as they have way to few power plugs for the passengers. some airports are better than others but there is still never enough plugs.

there are probably more to my cafe etiquette rules but I cant think of them now. if I do, I will update the posting.